By David Dahmer,

Omega School “got me to the place that I knew I wanted to be”.

The Omega School Graduation Ceremony is always an emotional time for longtime Omega School Principal Oscar Mireles as he gets to see the latest batch of students that he’s worked with all year make good on their second chance and be honored for all of their hard work to obtain their GED/HSED credential. The recent 2017 Summer Graduation Ceremony at Fountain of Life Church on Madison’s south side was no different.

“Each of our Omega School students had a different journey, but through perseverance, hard work and focused effort they were able to earn their GED/HSED credential,” Omega School Principal Oscar Mireles tells Madison365. “I am proud that they are now in a position to move on to the next stage of their lives as productive members of our community. Their families were glad to see this moment happen.”

Since 1972, Omega School has provided individualized basic skills instruction in a supportive and informal atmosphere, and by working cooperatively with other agencies and institutions, has helped thousands of adults prepare for, and obtain, a GED/HSED credential.
Omega School graduates this year included Marissa Bradley, Jaiden Clark, Dionna Blathers, Nick Alvanos, Destiny Bloodsaw, Elvira Garcia Reyes, Jose Luis Garcia, Luis Hernandez Murrillo, Bee Lee, Dalshay Robinson-Ento, Daniel Ramos, and Ashley Taft. Using their GED as a stepping stone, Omega School graduates will go on to finding work in the community while others will keep pushing forward with their educational aspirations… continue reading >>

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