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    Today Omega students are facing barriers and challenges that keep them from focusing on completing their GED/HSED. At Omega we “help” the students tackle these barriers by providing support and encouragement. Please make a donation so that many more students are successful in obtaining their GED/HSED. A gift of:

    • $50 provides two hours of tutoring for Spanish speaking students
    • $100 gift makes day care available for 8 children so their parent can attend school and study
    • $150 affords one student the opportunity to take the practice GED tests and take the test.
    • $250 provides bus passes for 30 students for one week
    • $500 makes available 5 volunteer tutor support for an entire month.

    So what does it cost to get a student to graduation? On average it costs $6,000 to get a student to successfully complete their GED/HSED. We invite you to make a financial gift so that many more students can accomplish their dream of being successful learners. All gifts regardless of size are welcomed. Please consider making a monthly sustaining gift. Please know that we use PayPal because it’s secure, it’s easy and cost effective way to accept donations.

    Thank you!

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  • Volunteering at Omega

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  • About three years ago my adult daughter came by after a United Way site visit. “Mom, you should really go tutor at Omega School, you would love it!” I found a warm atmosphere, a lot of hard-working students, and the firm leadership of Oscar Mireles. Oscar reminds students that attendance is crucial. To those who come to work he is endlessly supportive. Child care is available one day a week, bus passes are given out, and encouragement is everywhere.

    Omega takes its students where they are and tries to bring them forward from there. Many need practice in reading to identify the main points of a passage. Just about everybody needs a refresher course in math. Though they are quite independent most are grateful for pointers There are graduation ceremonies for those who succeed in obtaining the GED. I will never forget at my first ceremony hearing a young Black girl thank her baby for giving her the inspiration to improve her life. I also heard an older woman thanking “that angel Rob (Omega staff member) for helping me with that devil math!”

    I have been a longtime volunteer and donor to Omega School because it makes a huge difference in the lives of people. Please join me and other Omega volunteers; we need tutors (2 hour slots twice a week), clerical assistants and daycare volunteers. Please volunteer.

    — Cathy Rassmussen, Omega Volunteer
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  • Exiting the Fast Lane

    by Jonathan Gramling, Capital City Hues

    Jason Brent, the keynote speaker at the Omega School spring graduation ceremony held June 18th at the Fountain of Life Church, didn’t have much direction in life as he was growing up. He grew up in Chicago in a single parent household. “I had a mom who was the greatest mom ever who spent time and days trying to mold me into a man, but she was a single parent and that was hard for her to do because she couldn’t relate to me being a man. She worked hard.” Brent said.

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