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    Omega School began as an alternative for young people over 18 years old and who were not succeeding in a traditional high school setting. Today we serve students 18.5 years and older who want to complete their high school education. It is our hope that the homey environment, the low student-to-teacher ratio, the individualized instruction, and the committed professional staff provide a place where students can learn and complete their GED/HSED. We are here to help our students succeed.


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    Together we can help students tackle barriers by providing support and encouragement.




    Oscar Mireles, Executive Director

    Robb Sunde

    Dr. Edith Beltran Minehan

    Joe García

    Tomy Tepepa


    Bill Thielmann, President
    Community Leader

    Tim Daley, Vice President
    Community Leader

    Yolanda Lehner, Secretary
    Main Street Justice

    Sonia Baku, Community Leader

    Anthony Cooper, Nehemiah

    Armando Ibarra, UW Extension, School of Workers

    Reyna Jarquin, Park Bank

    Krista Ralston, Community Leader

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  • I am a proud graduate of Omega School and know first-hand how valuable the experiences can be. If it weren’t for the opportunity offered by Omega I fear that my future path as a high school dropout would not have led to post-secondary studies at MATC (now Madison College) and the University of Wisconsin, followed by service as the Dane County Clerk, a State Representative and now as County Executive.

    My opportunities would certainly have been limited without my HSED. Earning it marks one of the most important moments of my life. I am pleased to be both a graduate and donor to ensure that other students will get the help they need at Omega. Thank you Omega for being there for me and for many other students!

    — Joe Parisi, Dane County Executive